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Integrated Logistics

Founded in July 2013, the Department of Logistics under Tianjin Hua Yu Holdings Co., Ltd. has a team of experienced professionals. With service-oriented principle, it has built a friendly partnership with clients. The department, based on the main part of air transport, expands its business scope in an all-round way. By developing sea transport and land transport business, it forms a comprehensive logistics service platform integrating multimodal transport, including sea transport, land transport and air transport, and warehousing distribution, so as to serve as a convenience-pursuing, effective and better service provider. 

What can we do?

1. Serve as a freight forwarder for international and domestic air cargos

We can deliver the cargos to Xi’an, Hohhot, Shanghai and other domestic metropolises along 130 domestic lines. Besides, we are proactively developing international business, extending global lines by taking advantages of Tianjin Airlines, Hainan Airlines and other air resources. 

2. Start land transport timely express for receipt of international and domestic cargos

Up to the present, we have opened round-trip lines, namely, Tianjin-Guangzhou, Tianjin-Wuhan, Tianjin-Shanghai, Tianjin-Xi’an, and Tianjin-Chengdu. Along these lines, all cargos are transported by closed container trucks along highway in the whole course. A journey within 2,000 kilometers will be completed within 12-36 hours only. Each truck is featured with GPS that will keep a trace and give real-time feedback to tell tour information, thus guaranteeing all cargos are punctually delivered to the destination in a safe manner. 



3. Self run and serve as an agent of import and export of goods and technology

We provide whole-process agent service in the import and export of goods, including inspection, reserving freight space of airlines, and trace the real-time information of cargos. 

4. Serve as an agent of customs declaration and inspection

We are able to provide customs declaration and inspection services for cargos import and export as an agent. 

What advantages do we have?

We have established partnership with Tianjin Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Beijing Capital Airlines, West Air, Xiamen Airlines, Air China, Hong Kong Airlines and other well-know air companies. With rich international and domestic line resources, we gradually expand the business scope to include cargo delivery and ground distribution instead of a single port-to-port transportation. In this way, we provide clients with all-round logistics service. The business expansion is independent from an expertise operation team and skilled customer service personnel. In this regard, the department has a batch of experienced professionals. We collect cargos all the day, and keep trace of cargo information, to guarantee each piece punctually arrives in destination in an effective manner.