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Cargo Terminal Operation

Hua Yu Holdings covers a total area of 90,243.57 square meters. It has built and used the Phase-I plants with an area of 35,776 square meters, including 22,464 square meters warehousing space, and 13,312 square meters office space. The unused Phase-II buildings under planed construction will cover an area of 54,467.57 square meters. Except passages, green belt, etc., the utilizable area is anticipated to reach around 33,300 square meters (i.e., 50 mu).

Hua Yu Holdings has targeted to become the world leading air cargo terminal since it was founded. Therefore, air cargo business demonstrates to be its prime service. Currently, to guarantee the services for over 10 airlines under HNA, international or domestic, including Yangtze River Express, Hong Kong Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Lucky Air, West Air, Beijing Capital Airlines, Fuzhou Airlines, Beibu Gulf Airlines and Urumqi Air, the all-cargo freight line reaches European, North America and Southeast regions, while the passenger airlines belly line covers more than 70 overseas and domestic cities. 

Hua Yu is able to provide all-cargo security business for B747、 B737 and A330. It also serves as a freight forwarder for Boeing, Airbus and Russia-designed airplanes service providers. Up to now, it has established cooperation relationship with more than 10 well-known clients in the field of air cargo sales, including DHL, Fedex, TNT, SF-express, UPS, Sinotrans, COSCO, Kerry Logistics, Huamao, and Harmony. 

Hua Yu offers a complete set of ground security facilities, such as flat wagons, conveyor-belt carriers, trailers, forklifts, container pallet trucks, bulk luggage cars and security inspection scanners. In the operation warehousing space, there provides refrigerating chambers, valuables boxes, and class 1-9 hazardous stores. The company has over 50 motor vehicles and more than 300 non-motor devices, which is able to handle nearly 30 tons of one single cargo as a maximum. 

The cargo terminal provides the following principal services and business:

1. To provide international and domestic air cargo ground operation service for airlines, freight forwarders, and actual consignors as well as consignees

2. To provide receipt, security inspection, warehousing, and plate-making services for international and domestic export cargos, and document/message transfer and sending services

3. To provide plate-removing, warehousing, distribution, transit, and delivery services for international and domestic import cargos, and document/message transfer and sending services

4. To provide cargo status search, abnormal incident settlement and goods security check services

5. To provide bonded warehousing

Hua Yu Cargo Terminal has the following advantages: 

1. Modern environmental protection equipment 

2. Cargo shed directly through ramp

3. Hazardous cargo transport (with the exception of Class 7 Radioactive Products)

4. Passing Class A Accreditation of TAPA

5. Membership of cargo 2000 of the International Air Transport Association

6. 24-hour operation

7. Load and unload services for import and export cargos

8. 300 square meters shed used to provide 24-hour service for storing overlong and overlarge cargos that cannot pass security scanner 

9. Professionals received regular training, and being employed only after passing examinations

We undertake to “provide high quality service as per the international standards, and become a reliable partner”. We will try every effort to serve you.