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Cross-border E-commerce

As a leading cross-border e-commerce enterprise in Tianjin, Hua Yu has lent a helping hand to get the approval of establishment of Tianjin cross-border e-commerce innovative trial pilot, and is placed among the governmentally supported key projects. For these, it has successfully absorbed the attention of large-sized platforms, such as Amazon, to station, while raising the output of local express deliveries. The company is striding forward the advancing position of the industry, and sets a good example for the field.  

1. What are we?

The Department of E-commerce Service of Hua Yu Holdings is dedicated to serving cross-border enterprises in this field to cover the complete logistics chain of warehousing, sorting packaging, transport, customs clearance, and distribution. 

2. What mode are we adopting?

We are building a layout of multiple domestic supervision stores and overseas sheds, thus controlling cross-border logistics key entrances based on a conveniently effective clearance-centered mode;We are integrating social logistics resources in transport capacity and distribution, and building ourselves into a virtual comprehensive logistics operator, so as to provide standardized international express service and personal modular logistics products for upstream business/firms, and terminal customers. 


3. What advantages do we have?

The Department of E-commerce Service of Hua Yu Holdings is the first cross-border e-commerce service platform in Tianjin. It has absorbed many security units, including customs, inspection and quarantine organizations, stationing inside, and coordinates their work. Hua Yu Cargo Terminal is listed among the “Three Ones” engineering experimental bases combing customs, inspection and quarantine. With an area of 6,000 square meters, the direct mail freight yard has several advanced X-ray inspection flow lines. It provides stable professional management systems, while establishes a number of customs areas to function export supervision, bonded warehousing, etc. 


                   The customs office hall                                                      The quarantine office hall


               Customs custody warehouses                                                Import Bonded Warehouse

4. What is the workflow?


5. What will we develop ourselves into in the future?

    We will exert main efforts to be a cross-border e-commerce service provider, and complementarily build a port-driven virtual comprehensive logistics service platform combining mainline and branch line, as well as special logistics. To go forward along the lasting, stable, and leap development road, we will improve our services, and raise operation returns by creating a global purchase-sale system integrating finance, trade and dealing, and establishing a service ecological circle covering port platform, commodity platform and logistic platform for cross-border e-commerce business.