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Tianjin Hua Yu Holdings Co., Ltd. (“Tianjin Hua Yu”), formerly known as Tianjin Airport Hua Yu Air Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd., is a subsidiary of Tianjin Airlines Co., Ltd., located at No. 8, 3rd Street, Tianjin Airport International Logistics Park. As one of the three air cargo companies for Tianjin Binhai International Airport, Tianjin Hua Yu provides professional ground services in an all-round way for airlines and freight forwarders in the international and domestic air cargo freight. 

Tianjin Hua Yu was founded by Lufthansa German Airlines in 2006. It covers an area of 90,000 square meters, including 22,000 square meters of warehousing space. Since October 31, 2011, HNA Group has invested to acquire 95% of the equities while Tianjin Airport International Logistics Co., Ltd. has held 5%. Tianjin Hua Yu formally becomes a subsidiary of HNA Group. After being owned by HNA Group, Tianjin Hua Yu strikes to develop business in a fresh fashion, and introduce advanced management mode, leading the company to an effective and stable development path.

Ground Service for Air Cargo

Tianjin Hua Yu integrates all-cargo resources existing within HNA Group, and introduces all-cargo lines, trying to build itself into a north all-cargo base of the Group, and become the transit center circling Bohai and Northeast Asia. It additionally endeavors to realize an effective operation of all cargo carriers by taking advantages of Hua Yu cross-border e-commerce development.

Cross-border E-commerce Service

Tianjin Hua Yu holds firmly the opportunity of rapidly developed cross-border e-commerce. It makes use of own software and hardware resources, Tianjin Airport resources, the trend of airline freight recovery, as well as relevant supporting policies provided by state authority and local government. By optimizing operation procedures, upgrading import service, expanding export business and creating better running standards, it endeavors to build a one-stop service platform integrating customs declaration, quarantine declaration, inspection, clearance, warehousing, etc.

Integrated logistics service

Supported by its development strategy, Tianjin Hua Yu aims at realizing leap-forward development. It will rest on basic operation business to upgrade the logistics business of the company by constructing cross-border e-commerce service platform as well as overseas and domestic logistics network. It will also exert proactive efforts to expand new business so as to build it into a leading and featured comprehensive logistics service provider.

Hua Yu Holdings bears high aspiration while looking forward to the future. It aims at building itself into an intelligent supply-chain enterprise that covers all links of commodity circulation based on the commercial mode of “Virtual Comprehensive Logistics + Cross-border E-commerce + Global Purchase and Sale Platform”. The company will focus the attention and press forward with indomitable will as before to drive the connection of North China and the world.