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Enterprise News
Meeting “Double Eleventh Day” Tianjin Hua Yu strictly controls cargo security
 Time:2015/11/13 16:23:56Source:

When clock stuck 24 on November 11, 2015, the “Double Eleventh Day” shopping carnival formally came to an end. The statistics shows Tmall earned RMB 91.2 billion turnover merely the “Double Eleventh Day”. But what pressure the air cargo freight industry burdened behind the sharp business rise of mainstream e-commerce platforms? Bearing this question in mind, the journalist enters Tianjin Hua Yu Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tianjin Hua Yu”). As introduced by relevant responsible person, there were large batches of cargos surging into Hua Yu freight shed on the “Double Eleventh Day”, which sharply raises the volume of business while poses a rigorous challenge to the company on cargo security.

Figure I Cargos to be checked at security checkpoint of Tianjin Airlines

It is reported that business volume of Tianjin Hua Yu surged the “Double Eleventh Day”, and the loading tables were filled with cargos to be checked. Statistics indicates there were 3,637 pieces of cargos under inspection in domestic freight shed on the very day, increasing by 68% when compared with domestic daily average exit volume. With successive consignment of the orders, the 12th day found 5,123 pieces of cargos, which demonstrates another peak. To fully guarantee the freight security, Tianjin Hua Yu brings up the unpacking rate of air cargos and inspection rate of explosive products by detecting equipment to 35% from 10%. The company even raises the human inspection ratio of powder and liquid cargos, conductors, as well as other questionable goods, and inspection ratio of explosive products by detecting equipment to 100%. 

Figure II Security check personnel are viewing the security scanner

To guarantee a normal safety operation during the “Double Eleventh Day”, the staff of Tianjin Hua Yu puts into place preparations for emergency. The company exerts every effort to make sure not to bring risk to air transport security, and not to cause aircraft damages or flight delay for reason of security check. Besides, it does further endeavors to intensity the security inspection on mails, express deliveries, and the like, and will inform public security organ if necessary. 

Tianjin Hua Yu kindly reminds that all clients should in advance arrive at security check field when delivering the cargos on the “Double Eleventh Day”, so as to assure the cargos exit the airport in time; and that no hazardous goods may be brought and hidden.