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Enterprise News
Tianjin Hua Yu, A Subsidiary of Tianjin Airlines, Successfully Listed on New Third Board, Becoming the First Supplier for Professional Cross-border E-commerce Logistics in Third-board Market ?
 Time:2016/3/18 14:40:21Source:


News for March 4: Tianjin Hua Yu Holdings Co., Ltd. (Stock name: Tianjin Hua Yu, Stock code: 835896), a subsidiary of Tianjin Airlines Co., Ltd., was listed to be transferred publicly in the national system of equity transfer through transfer agreement, which marked Tianjin Hua Yu was formally listed on New Third Board, becoming the first supplier for professional cross-border e-commerce logistics in New Third Board Market.

The announcement shows that operating income of Tianjin Hua Yu in the past three years was respectively 41,387,100 Yuan in 2013, 90,662,200 Yuan in 2014 and 41,171,300 Yuan in the period from January to July in 2015; net income was respectively 3,491,300 Yuan, 6,250,800 Yuan and 2,729,500 Yuan. Tianjin Hua Yu was founded in March 2006 and its split share structure reform was completed in July 2015. In 2015, it was awarded the title of China Quality Credit Enterprise and Tianjin Hi-tech Enterprise and obtained various qualification certificates including International TAPAA Certificate, Dangerous Chemicals Business License and Business Certificate for Road Transport. Equipped with an independent Express Supervision Center and warehouses for hazardous goods from Category 1 to 9, Tianjin Hua Yu is a comprehensive logistics enterprise with complete qualification, advanced equipment and high-efficient management.    

Ten eventful years of Tianjin Hua Yu founded by a foreign-funded enterprise and merged by HNA

It is reported that Tianjin Hua Yu Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to “Tianjin Hua Yu”), formerly known as Tianjin Airport Hua Yu Air Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd., was founded by Lufthansa German Airlines in 2006 and formally put into operation in 2008. In 2011, HNA Group accomplished the asset reorganization to Hua Yu Air Cargo Terminal which formally became a subsidiary of HNA Group.    

Looking back the ten-year development history, Tianjin Hua Yu has encountered many ups and downs. In 2008, it was formally put into operation after being founded by a foreign-invested enterprise. Due to the foreign-company management mode and differences between Chinese and western cultures, Tianjin Hua Yu did not adapt to the domestic condition so well, besides, it also suffered from the single business, incomplete service system and excessive operation cost. In 2011, its flights originally guaranteed by Lufthansa German Airlines and

Jade Cargo International suspended air service one after another and Tianjin Hua Yu had no business any more, causing heavy losses. So it looked for investors to purchase its stock equities.


Based on the future development prospect for airfreight service and its successful experience on industry management, HNA took the active move. Through a nearly four-mouth negotiation, it began to purchase Tianjin Hua Yu with numerous capitals in November 2011 and rapidly conducted the asset reorganization to Tianjin Hua Yu which became a subsidiary of Tianjin Airlines. A basic business structure system built in a short period and an experienced management team launched a new era for development of Tianjin Hua Yu.   


Deepening reform by building the multilevel business structure system 

After the asset reorganization, Tianjin Hua Yu actively explored new business modes. Under the lead of General Manager Ma Dongqing with rich experience on industry management, it firstly perfected the business system of air-ground service and the infrastructure construction of storing area, developed a complete system of security check and transportation of cargo, introduced equipment for transportation and loading and unloading on the apron, altered businesses of security check in the cargo terminal and transportation on the apron to self-operation to reduce the service cost and improve the customer experience. 

What’s more, Tianjin Hua Yu rapidly developed the comprehensive logistics business and cross-border e-commerce service business by deepening the system reform and taking advantage of the global airline network of Tianjin Airlines and HNA Group. The above two businesses with the tradition air-ground agency service constitute a multilevel business structure system. Tianjin Hua Yu stopped deficits in 2012 and made great profits in 2013.  

Tianjin Hua Yu devotes itself to creating an airfreight all-service system. Within the current system of three main businesses of Tianjin Hua Yu, the comprehensive logistics service is not limited to the traditional air logistics any longer, but expanded to the upstream and downstream businesses of supply chain, which perfected the all-round comprehensive freight business system. Tianjin Hua Yu strives for creating an integrative comprehensive logistics service for customers by providing air transportation with traditional advantages and perfecting land transportation, sea transportation and project logistics business one after another. It is able to provide one-stop service and integrative solutions for customers. The perfect service system assists Tianjin Hua Yu to win the credit from very important customers such as FAW-Toyota, Samsung, China Railway Logistics, Airbus A320 and so on. Tianjin Hua Yu succeeded in the transformation from the traditional freight forwarding logistics to the professional logistics for specific industry including automobile, e-commerce and precise instrument, effectively meeting customers’ transportation demand for domestic and international cargos and winning a good reputation in the industry.  

Innovation by creating a comprehensive service platform for cross-border e-commerce logistics

The reorganized Tianjin Hua Yu grasped the precious opportunities that the state gave the priority to development of cross-border e-commerce industry, read and analyzed the national policies thoroughly, strengthened the positive communication with the Customs and inspection and quarantine authorities, and cooperated with such authorities to formulate the strict, high-efficient and fair supervision plan.   

In 2013 Tianjin Hua Yu formally developed the cross-border e-commerce service business, marking it became the first ground logistics enterprise in Tianjin to carry out the cross-border business of personnel belongings importing and direct mailing. Tianjin Customs Airport Office and Mail Inspection


Office of CIQ Tianjin Branch were settled in Tianjin Hua Yu and realized the joint inspection and quarantine, which greatly increased the efficiency of customs clearance and attracted Amazon who chosen Tianjin Hua Yu as their main entry port for direct mailing in China.  


Tianjin Hua Yu with a unique operation concept established the leading position in China and successively obtained the approval of Key Support Project for Tianjin Cross-border E-Commerce Concentration Area and Tianjin Cross-border E-Commerce Innovation Pilot Area. Then relying on Tianjin Port, Tianjin Hua Yu will constantly expand to the upstream and downstream businesses of comprehensive logistics for cross-border e-commerce, actively explore the national ports and gradually promote the construction of overseas warehouses, so as to provide customers with standardized comprehensive solutions for cross-border e-commerce logistics. Ma Dongqing, General Manager of Tianjin Hua Yu, introduced that “Within the system of three main businesses of Tianjin Hua Yu, the cross-border e-commerce business has gone through over 2 years of development and its income share is steadily increasing. At present the business is not only limited to Tianjin Port and new clearance ports have been exploited in Northeast China and South China. We are actively making preparations for the construction of overseas warehouses including warehouses in Korea and Japan. In the future the Internet thinking model will be adopted to develop the cloud logistics system for cross-border e-commerce and propel the pace of international strategic development”.

The preparatory project for Tianjin Hua Yu being listed on New Third Board was formally launched in March 2015, and after equity transfer, split share structure reform, due diligence, internal audit, reporting, review and approval, Tianjin Hua Yu eventually was listed on New Third Board at the beginning of March 2016. It will take this as an opportunity to constitute an innovation-oriented business model, enhance its core competitiveness, perfect the capital structure and managing regulations, raise the enterprise value and brand influence and realize the great-leap-forward development of cross-border e-commerce business by means of the power of capital.